VOLK RACING 21C + tires



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VOLK RACING 21C + tires 18 inch
Center and nuts separately for ease of painting., Pin mount, for tamia, hasegawa and analogs.

A New “C” for the 21st century that inherited its DNA from “Gr.C”.

The VOLK RACING 21C adopts a dimple design that carries on the DNA of the original VOLK RACING Gr.C on its spokes in combination with a stepped rim. These forged one-piece wheel models with various step rim widths up to 12J, which can be applied to wide bodies, are supreme wheels that can only be realized by RAYS forging method. The VOLK RACING 21C, which was developed for the fantastic vehicles produced during and after the 80s using the latest design and analysis technologies debuts as a forged one-piece model that is both new and nostalgic at the same time.